Megha Mathur


Are you feeling burned out or just plain tired? Do you feel that your train in just parked at one station and is not moving? The engine of your mind is stuck and as much as you try to get it to move…it takes a toll on both your mental and physical health.


The AIM of these coaching sessions is for you to start seeing positive changes in the way you think. By the end of your 3-month training with me, you should be able to:

  • Use the strategic skills that have learned to move you out of your road blocks.
  • Understand your own narratives to stop your thinking-loops and create new positive and productive ones.


  • THE VALUE-BACK GUARANTEE: I believe in open communication between the coach and the client. Every session we meet, I will ask you if the strategies are working and if they are not, then we switch them up and find what works for you.
  • UNDERSTANDING HOW YOUR THOUGHTS ARE CONNECTED TO YOU: With my background in psychology, you are going to connect the dots on why your thoughts of fear, your thoughts on self-limiting beliefs take over. Together, we are going to learn to challenge those thoughts and place new healthy ones in their place.
  • IMPLEMENT SELF-CARE ROUTINES: When you are trying to improve yourself on a holistic level, it is important to have self-care routines in place so that you get time to self-reflect. As your coach, I will help you put them in place so that you never feel burned out again.

Additional support

In addition to these coaching sessions, you will have access to me through your choice of support which could be text or email.

Your Homework Exercises

As we wrap up each session you will be given a homework exercise to do. This will help you dig deep within so that you can see for yourself as to how the self-limiting belief has affected you AND how you can change your narrative,

I will hold you accountable for homework exercises not done. This accountability ensures that during the three months of coaching, you take strides forward in action, rather than merely learning and gaining insight.


  • 12 calls with me (one per week)
  • A personality test can be done online for me to understand you at a different level.
  • The first session will be an intensive 90–120-minute session where we will discuss various dimensions of your life and your personality assessment.
  • Accountability sessions: Every 4 weeks we will hold a review of what you have accomplished.
  • Feedback sessions: This is an important part of coaching. You can tell me what it is that you feel has been going well and what hasn’t. My approach is collaborative and NOT dictatorial!
  • Unlimited email support through your 12 weeks.


  • Paying in full for these sessions is advisable as spaces are limited for this package.
  • If you want them scheduled on the payment plan, then here is how that will work:
    1. A non-Refundable deposit of $300.00. Weekly payment of $300.00 till $3600.00 is reached.
    2. Please remember, that once this package is opted for, there is NO CANCELLATION POLICY.
    3. Before completing the payment section below, you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to the Coaching Terms & Conditions, as well as returned the Coaching Agreement.

Payment Options

Megha Mathur

PayPal Payments

You can pay online through Paypal the full payment amount of $2400.00

PayPal Scheduled Payments

Finally, if you are not able to pay the total amount in a single payment, I have an schedule payments non-Refundable deposit of $300.00. Weekly payment of $300.00 till $3600.00 is reached

All sales are final. I do not offer refunds because I only want to work with people who are ALL-IN and don’t look for a way out. I am certain that you will see a difference in the way you think. I am full committed to giving you my all- and all I ask is that you meet me halfway to create a more resilient you.
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