Leaders can be divided into three categories which includes the Emerging Leader, the Developing Leader & the Strategic Leader. Everyone has career aspirations to climb up the ladder and to know where you exactly are at that ladder is quite helpful. But, are you aware of what specific challenges are faced by each of those stages? This is where I come in and help you at every stage of your climb up the ladder.

The Emerging Leader

Megha Mathur

This is a professional who is moving from an individual contributor position to the first step up the ladder and applies for their manager position. They are also professionals who are getting groomed by the higher management to take on a leadership role and are identified as future leaders.

Challenges witnessed:

    • Understanding how team dynamics should work.
    • Understanding how to deal with senior members of your team.
    • Dealing with conflicts on your team.
    • Managing day-to-day tasks through time management

How can coaching help?

  • Understanding your leadership style.
  • Awareness of self
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Problem solving

The Developing Leader

Megha Mathur

This is a leader who is honing in on their strengths as a leader. They are aware of their leadership style but need help in fine tuning those skills. It is at this stage that many leaders who lead from the front and are authentic in nature go through the “imposter syndrome” A syndrome where you doubt your own capabilities and are not sure if you deserve to be where you are at the present moment.

Challenges faced:

  • They are not sure how to create a company-wide exposure
  • They are aware of how to lead, but might think that they are not authentic in style.
  • Often feel like an “imposter’ and are going through “imposter syndrome”
  • Focusing their strengths to create strategies within their teams.

How can coaching help?

  • Bringing out the leader in you and removing the self-limiting belief that could be stopping you to lead.
  • A laser focus on your leadership style and how you deal with conflicts.
  • Learning how to deal with management.
  • Current role and challenges faced are discussed as well.

The Strategic Leader

Megha Mathur

These are leaders who are now aware of their strengths and weaknesses; their own style and are ready to chalk out strategic plans for the organization to further the goals, mission and values. These individuals are more senior executives in the organization.

Challenges faced:

  • Constant worry of attaining results.
  • They are often people who have inadequate work-life balances.
  • They are often looked upon for problem-solving from their teams.
  • They could be leaders who feel isolated and miss being out on the field.
  • They are more prone to feel burned out.

How can Coaching help?

  • More in-depth look at their leadership style and personality style.
  • Focus on maintaining a balanced work-life scenario.
  • Discussion on team members.
  • More strategies to avoid isolation.


Emerging leader

The Emerging Leader

Price: $2,500.00

Leadership 4

The Developing Leader Development

Price: $3,000.00

Leadership 5

The Strategic Leadership Development

Price: $4,500.00

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