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A breakthrough session is typically a 120-minute intensive coaching session dedicated to one specific area or challenge in your life that you want to address.  This is usually just a one-off session – specific to any one of the following scenarios:

  • goal setting,
  • procrastination,
  • time management or setting priorities,
  • managing a crisis or conflict situation,
  • a situation in a relationship or your career,
  • gain clarity on a specific course of action,
  • dealing with indecision or self-sabotage,
  • walking through a decision-making process, or
  • preparing for an event or crucial conversation.

This is not something to approach lightly, as we will dive into deep – laser-focused attention – in which we look at the underlying feelings, beliefs and memories that may be attached to this one matter.


In the first half-an-hour of this session, I will be focused on listening to what it is that you are facing; what you have tried and what you are feeling now. You will see me write a lot during this session and I might appear to be looking away from you BUT it is all to write down the important details so that I understand what your narrative has become in life. Remember, this session is going to be laser-focused on only one of your current issues.

Next, we peel off the layers of your blocks like an “onion” to see what has actually stopped you from achieving this said goal. You will have to have a look at the real problem that lies below the surface –

  • what is this really about?
  • how do I truly feel?
  • what is holding me back?
  • where am I stuck and what keeps me stuck on this issue?

We will together analyze your thinking patterns and how they have affected the way you feel about the situation at hand and yourself. New patterns of thinking will be explored that allow you to choose new actions, in order to get different results.

At the end of the session, you will walk away with a clearly identified action plan – something for you to go away and execute.

The following week, I will follow up with you (at no extra cost) for 15 minutes to see if the action plan worked and if there is some tweaking that would be required to help you accomplish the goal you have set out to achieve.

Payment Options

This payment is made in advance of our Breakthrough session.  Ideally, you will already have taken advantage of a complimentary Introductory Call with me, to have clear expectations of the session, as well as to come adequately prepared for the session.

  1. Before completing the payment section below, you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to the Coaching Terms & Conditions, as well as returned the Coaching Agreement.

Payment Options

Megha Mathur

PayPal Payments

You can pay online through Paypal the full payment amount of US $400.00

All sales are final. I do not offer refunds because I only want to work with people who are ALL-IN and don’t look for a way out. I am certain that you will see a difference in the way you think. I am full committed to giving you my all- and all I ask is that you meet me halfway to create a more resilient you
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