Covid-19 came sweeping into our lives and wreaked havoc. That is the sad harsh truth of the situation that we are in. Not only did Covid-19 cause us to lock ourselves indoors but it resulted in many psychological disturbances in our psyche. These range from social isolation, depression, anxiety and anger. If you are reading this post, then you must have felt (or are feeling) either of these at the very moment. This post is dedicated on helping you understand why you are feeling this way.

**Disclaimer: This article is specifically targeted to those individuals who otherwise have not been diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders**

The reason I decided to write this post is because I heard everyone talk about how mental health is important during the pandemic but I couldn’t find an article that just would explain to me what someone could be going through- in simple words. Even though I am a qualified Mental Health Professional, I am just looking for a simple explanation of why someone is feeling the way they are- NOT STATISTICS! In this article, my only focus is for you to understand what those feelings “feel” like.


anxiety in Covid-19; photo courtesy Alexander Drummer on

Anxiety is the first go-to stimuli for the body. If you look at the definition of anxiety, this is what you will get “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome” The uncertainties associated with Covid-19 were enough to create a sense of worry and unease. Questions like “Will I catch it?” or “this person sneezed, do they have Covid-19” were running through many of our minds. We still don’t know much about Covid-19 and are constantly told about a potential second wave in the fall which all contributes to the anxiety.
For parents, this anxiety is related to their children – “Should we send them to school?” to “What protocols will the school be following?” We would never have thought about these things during any given time but now these questions are pertinent to safety. We constantly worry about the safety of our family and friends in the back of our minds.

For many families/business owners/employees the anxiety was related to bringing food on the table. Now, even though many workers who were furloughed are now heading back to work- not all of them were lucky to keep their jobs. With many companies declaring bankruptcies, a lot of people were left with an uncertain future.


Depression in Covid-19. Photo Courtesy Inzmam Khan on

When you are in a constant mode of anxiety, then it is natural for depression to start sneaking in. These feelings can develop suddenly where you would notice yourself as having a very dejected outlook to life. Remember, your life came to a sudden standstill and you were now confined within the four walls of your home. There was a loss of routine which inexplicably leads to feeling sad and hopeless. Thoughts like “Why should I wake up at my normal time?” or “There is no point in doing anything” take over. It is the kind of sadness you feel when you loose someone.

There are so many negative thoughts running through the mind and most to do with uncertainty- about the future. Many people stop going outside in the fear that they will catch something which leads to feeling even more constrained. The feelings of depression are even more amplified when you are socially isolated as well.


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